Bedhead - "Atlanta's Favorite Cover Band" - Playing a whole lot of 80's and 90's and a little bit of everything else 


Bass/Vocals/4th Tenor

Guitar/Vocals/Music Buff



The Bedhead Story

Bedhead started by accident. A beachtrip, a pool side party, and some chemisty (alcohol) during the summer of 1999. We learned 10 songs soon after and played an 80's party. (We're still playing some of those songs). Six years later, 4 weddings, 80+ songs learned and one member change - we're still rockin.

(Bass/Vocals) is from Battle Creek Michigan... home of some cereal company, GHS Guitar Strings and some WWF wrestler named Rob Van Damn (not that I watch the sport). As far as I know, Kevin has always had this love for anything that is hair metal. Warrant, Skid Row, Europe and his favorite Jackyl. He claims that Jakyl was the highlight of his 2001 Music Midtown experience. The heat will fry your cerebellum. Kevin once spearheaded the metal band Mayhem in high school as well as Sinister Grinn while at Michigan State. He always tells me that they were not metal. I don't believe him. Some stuff worth noting, Glubke is in an Atlanta street hockey league. I don't really understand that sport but he claims it's like the real thing. Ok. Kevin also thinks Taco Bell is "dollar for dollar" the best meal around!  
David - (Guitar/Vocals) David joined us in early 2007 and we're glad to have him, he's fit right in with the band and he's great fun to play with. He's an accomplished musician and knows how to deliver great sound and has a great ear for the small things that end up making a bid difference. He also hails from the Aiken South Carolina area and has experience playing in a lot of bands over the years. Both Dave and Kevin have an amazing capacity for remembering every line-up of every major band through the 70's, 80's and 90's.  We're happy he's chosen Bedhead at this point in his career.
Shane - (Drums/Vocals) s an interesting one. They say it's always the drummer. Bedhead has the attention span of carrot and Shane pretty much embodies that spirit... not that there's anything wrong with that. In high school his first big gig at a talent show got cancelled due to somebody from his high school murdering somebody at another high school nearby where they were supposed to play. His college band The Jackals were the only cover band to play the infamous 40 Watt Club & Uptown Lounge in Athens, GA. Then he was kicked out of band after 2 years for not being serious enough.

- (Guitar/Vocals) agrees with Kevin regarding Jackyl being the highlight of the 2001 Music Midtown experience. He has roots in Aiken, South Carolina where he played with the super group..."Tastes Like Chicken" - You may have heard of them. He has experience playing a variety of styles of music. He is handy to have around as he somehow seems to have an extra of everything. He hasn't shared the stage with Poison or Quit Riot, however he does own CD's of these artists...and many more.

- (Former Member) - Mr. Jeff Funk was an original memeber of Bedhead, however unfortunately had to move to New Orleans in the late Spring of 2005 for a professional opportunity. We definitely miss his presence, humor, and all around spice he brought to the group. Good Luck in New Orleans Jeff.

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